Why Do Students Choose Online Learning?

Posted on June 3, 2022
Why Do Students Choose Online Learning?

With the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, many students have since been required to make the shift from traditional classroom learning to utilizing online education platforms for their studies. While most students experienced some growing pains with the sudden transition, many have found the setup to be a preferrable one three years later. In this article, we go over some of the reasons why students prefer e-learning to a live-learning setup.

Why is it Important to Know Why Students Prefer Online Learning?

While some learning institutions are eager to jump back to offline learning once the worldwide pandemic eases up, certain benefits of e-learning for students came to light over the course of the quarantine. From an improvement in performance to renewed confidence and focus when presenting ideas online—taking into consideration the factors that affect why students choose online learning is important if we wish to help ALL learners with their progress. Without a doubt, some students will thrive within a live classroom setting. However, there are also students that benefit off of the e-learning setup. Forcing them to revert back to a learning environment that did not work for them may cause their progress, development, and learning to regress and ultimately suffer as they fall behind the pack.

If you belong to an educational institution that wishes to resume live classes but are still unsure if providing an online e-learning platform is a worthy investment for students that prefer online learning, read this guide to learn the top reasons why some students are not looking to back out from the New Normal.

The Benefits of E-Learning for Students

While no learner online or offline is the same, these benefits are common reasons why students prefer e-learning. Consider the value of these benefits to your students and what they can offer to their education!

1. Increased Personalization of Learning

Not every student has the same learning style. Some are visual learners, while others prefer auditory education materials. However, being able to create these options within a shared physical space like a live classroom can be difficult and even distracting because of the disjointed teaching setup. Instead, having a personalized learning experience based on what works for a student can do wonders for bolstering academic improvement and engagement within an online learning setup.

These differences in learning style make optimal learning different per student. However, taking the time to provide them with their desired learning style can yield benefits such as:

  • Higher Success Rate through academic exercises
  • Optimal Learning Strategies for Faster Learning
  • Improved Problem-Solving Skills by Figuring Out How to Complete a Task Based on Your Learning Style

2. Improved Self-Confidence

In a classroom setting, introverted students have no choice but to bear the fact that they will be forced to go in front and present their project, report, or declamation every so often. For some students, this kind of experience is nerve-wracking enough to ruin their whole day and shake a student’s focus. One reason why students prefer online learning is how they can opt out of having to practice public speaking and recitation during class.

Some students simply prefer being the silent yet industrious workers, wowing professors and classmates alike with their written outputs or sending over well-made videos that synthesize their learnings. Being able to take pride in your performance because you were allowed to present it the way you wanted to will always be a big part of why students choose online learning over a live classroom setting. Below are a few common online-friendly project-based outputs that do not include public speaking:

  • A well-made short film
  • A book report
  • An anthology of essays, poems, and short stories
  • A collection of songs

3. A Curated Working Environment

Author Magdalena Vandenberg once said to “clear clutter and make space for you.” With the dawn of remote learning and working, a common online learning tip that professionals and students alike have been adapting is taking the time to craft and curate their own spaces. In order to double down on a home-based setup that leaves them inspired and works best for their learning and productivity, students and professionals have been creating desk setups and battle stations that meet their needs for work and learning---while still leaving room for them to purse their hobbies and individuality. One reason why students prefer online learning is the flexibility that they have over their very own mini classroom.

Some students prefer having colorful pens and post-its out for fun note-taking strategies, while others prefer to go the paperless route by typing out their notes with tablets or laptops under a monitor bar of their choosing. A regular live classroom often lacks the space and even the freedom that your remote learning setup can provide. By giving students the choice to choose online learning, you can allow them to create the most conducive learning environment for them—one that only they would know best.

4. Lessened Expenses

While online tuition may differ based on the learning provider, an important benefit of e-learning for students is how it allows the students and their families to save on the net cost of sending their child to school physically. For families living away from the Metro, this means that they won’t have to spend for expenses like their child’s living arrangements, transportation, and even their daily meals. This gives students and their families some breathing room when it comes to their major and minor expenses.

By being able to save on the total cost to simply get to school, you can save up for bigger expenses or simply build up your family’s safety and travel fund for all of you to enjoy.

5. Globally Competitive

While some professionals choose to take the leap and work abroad, others opt to stay with their loved ones in the Philippines while working remotely for overseas employers. Get an early start in building the skills and hobbies necessary for this level of independent work ethic. Remote learning also helps students build confidence in connecting internationally and trusting their gut when it comes to big decisions. By giving students the opportunity to choose online learning as their primary mode of education, you teach them to become successful professionals that will never be limited by their location.

Through their global connections, they can potentially find well-paying jobs from foreign employers or acquire international clients from their future businesses. In giving students a chance to build a mindset that they are citizens of the world, you open up theirs to a wealth of opportunities that they otherwise would not have.

Are These Benefits Worthy Reasons to Invest in Online Learning?

While we firmly believe that these reasons are valid points for consideration when trying to bring education to all students, the choice is ultimately yours. If you are a learning provider or parent that is thinking about what is best for their student or child, the short answer is that you would know best.

Many factors affect the results of a child’s learning--- from the caliber of their instructor, to the teaching style and learning environment. However, being able to give your child a choice to decide between online learning and offline learning is one that they should be able to experience at least once.

Who knows? Maybe they will be better for it.