Our online learning tips for remote education are perfect for the New Normal.

Posted on November 5, 2021
Our online learning tips for remote education are perfect for the New Normal.

For many students, online learning has become a new addition to their everyday lives due to the global pandemic. With many of us stuck in our homes in favor of safety over face-to-face interaction, it has become difficult for many to continue their pursuit of an education online. We know that the transition to remote learning was grueling for countless learners across all ages, so we compiled our top tips on online learning that will make your online education experience a smoother one.

1. Sign Up for an Online Education Platform

One of our best online learning tips is to broaden your horizons. When it comes to learning from home, sometimes it pays to supplement our online lectures from school with effective short courses that can sum up learnings and make mastering certain skills or theories a bit easier. Choosing a good quality online education platform is a step in the right direction when looking for additional remote learning opportunities that can give you an edge against your peers and future colleagues.

Not only does an online education platform give you an opportunity to learn valuable skills and knowledge outside the basic contents of your curriculum, but it also gives you the chance to learn directly from an academic mentor with valuable experience in your field of study.

Pro Online Learning Tip: Try to do your research and find out if your school or company of employment has any e-learning partnerships in place. Online education platforms sometimes have affiliate or partnership offers that allow learners to gain perks like unlimited access to short courses, or discounts!

2. Create a Schedule That You Can Sustain

A tip for students enrolled in online learning that we swear by is creating a routine that you can sustain. By finding out a daily schedule that works for you, you can section your time into productive periods while setting aside time to take a break for a snack or a cup of coffee. Though this particular online learning tip takes a bit of trial and error before getting it down completely, the results are definitely felt throughout your day once you find an arrangement that works best for you. 

Pro Online Learning Tip: Explore tried and tested productivity methods like the famous Pomodoro method (also known as sprinting), which allows you to study in short bursts with short breaks in between. You can also go for lesser known ones like the Personal Kanban, which orders your tasks according to their priority. Take a try at the Eat the Frog method wherein you knock out your harder, less desirable tasks first. Mix and match your scheduling with your productivity methods to find the right daily grind process that works for your workload and personality.

3. Work On Your Setup

Over the course of this pandemic, surely you have seen countless Instagram and Pinterest photos of pristine productivity and workstation setups. Though these pictures may look like pointless eye candy to some, there is some merit to investing in your personal space. By setting aside an area for you to perform your work in, you also create a space that psychologically sets you up in a mood for productivity. This online learning tip for students also applies to working professionals balancing their studies with their livelihoods. Invest in a good desk, an ergonomically designed chair, some lighting, and an appropriately sized monitor so you spend less time fussing over an aching back or a stiff neck.

#Adulting Tip: While this tip for online learning may take some financial investment on your end, it won’t hurt to consider saving up for it or investing in an installment plan. If you haven’t already, consider setting up a bank account or credit card so you can opt for a payment plan that fits your needs.

4. Keep Essentials Close

The times we spend getting up from our desk to get a cup of coffee, water, or even office supplies tend to add up. Before we know it, we will have used some much-needed time on things that could have been avoided. Consider taking out some lunchtime staples like insulated water bottles or coffee tumblers so you can stay hydrated or caffeinated while minimizing trips to the kitchen. An online learning tip that we often take for granted is remembering to stay hydrated and fed, so you can hit two birds with one stone by keeping your hydration options at arm’s reach!

5. Inform People at Home

By keeping the people you live with in the loop about your personal schedule, you can set expectations about what you will be doing for the day. While not full proof, this student online learning tip will hopefully minimize disturbances and noise around your study area, so you can concentrate on your tasks and lessons.

Though remote learning remains to be a big change for many, it does not have to be an unpleasant one! Create a better online learning experience for yourself by following these five simple steps and you will be able to enjoy your distance learning opportunities all the more!