An online learning partnership might be just what your institution needs

Posted on February 21, 2022
An online learning partnership might be just what your institution needs

With both remote work and school as our new norm these days, online learning partnerships are steadily gaining traction among the workplace and academic institutions. This is because an online e-learning platform can be a valuable source of formation, training, and education to supplement existing HR or school curriculum programs. But what is an online learning partnership, and what are the e-learning partnership benefits you stand to gain if you sign up for one? In this short guide to the breakthrough development in online learning, we go over the definition, purpose, and benefits that an online e-learning partnership can bring you, as well as how you can become an academic partner.

What is an Online Learning Partnership?

Now more than ever, learning has transcended the limits of traditional schooling. Enterprises, big or small, are expected to play a more active role in the holistic development of their employees. This includes both in-house and external training. Whether the students are developing professional s in a large enterprise or a student seeking additional knowledge to gain an edge over the competition, an online learning partnership is an agreement or transaction that signifies an institutional partnership between a school or workplace, and an online learning platform. In exchange, the institution in question can enjoy a number of e-learning partnership benefits. Below are some of the advantages that entering this partnership can give you or your institution.

Experience Improved Skill sets

In our current remote setup, e-learning partnerships benefit HR professionals and team leads that are overseeing employee training all over the world. This is because online learning partnerships give them access to professionally crafted training and education modules which they can then cascade down to the employees in their care. These skills can prove to be a valuable edge over the competition and a good long-term investment that can put your team well on its way to becoming the best in your industry.

Industry Standard Expertise

Not only can you count on improved skillsets from your employees—you can also count on their growth to meet or exceed the industry standard. By giving them the trainings they need to meet the global standard in your field, you can improve not only your employees’ reputation, but also that of your company’s as a powerhouse that produces nothing less than the best in the industry’s local arena. Clients and competition alike will recognize your team as the industry experts – gaining and retaining clients while keeping your competitors on their toes.

Added Prestige and Credibility

Partnering with a trusted online learning platform can be an impressive addition to your company’s network. Potential business partners and clients as well as those already in your network will be impressed by the amount of attention and investment that you and your company give to improving the training and education of your team. This may also open up the opportunity to receive an influx of new clients beyond your usual market because of the quality education that your employees can receive from the e-learning partnership. The massive boost in reputation could very well drive more business your way and create good PR buzz among potential employee applicants and interested local and foreign clients.

Remote Learning from the Safety and Comfort of Home

It is no secret that the world continues to be ravaged by a pandemic. Conducting on-site trainings might be an effective way of building rapport among your team, but it can also pose a risk to their health and the health of their family. An online learning partnership advantage that is especially important with our current circumstances is how it allows you to access your modules anytime, anywhere. All your learning modules can be conveniently accessed from the safety of an employee’s work from home setup as long as they have an internet connection. Provide masterclass trainings without fear of infection or the hassle of transportation. Protect yourself and others by acquiring an online learning partnership for your firm.

Encourage Independent Work

With most of us becoming digital nomads because of the work from home scheme, one of the things that has definitely changed the way we work is how we manage our time and structure our workday. Away from our regular workstations, there are a lot of distractions at home that we need to train ourselves to ignore. However, many employees are actually enjoying the greater control that they have over the structure of their workday, including how it challenges them to make good use of their time. An e-learning partnership advantage that you can count on is how it encourages a culture of independence and good time management — both of which are always welcome additions to the remote work arrangement that most companies are currently running. Securing an online learning partnership gives your employees the opportunity to actively seek out skill building on their own time.

Improve Both Company Culture and Performance

By mandating trainings through an online learning partnership and encouraging a culture of continuous learning, you build on existing company culture and performance. In a study conducted by Deloitte on 1,005 U.S-based adults, it was found that 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe that a strong workplace culture directly contributes to the success of a business. By fostering a positive work culture that incorporates winning attributes like a drive for continuous learning and the discipline for wise time management, you do more than just improve the technical skills needed for your industry. You incorporate a healthy culture that carries over to other employees well after you have risen through the ranks. Leave a lasting mark on your company’s success by taking the first step — invest in an online learning platform and learn how to become an academic partner.

These six e-learning partnership advantages are only a few of the improvements that you can enjoy with the introduction of an online learning partnership to your team’s resources. Think of signing up for an e-learning partnership as a long-term investment with massive payoff. From your company culture to the standard of work that your employees can accomplish, access big changes at the tips of your fingers. If investing in an online learning partnership sounds like something your company needs, reach out to a trusted Philippine online learning platform and find out how you can become an academic partner!