Discover online education advantages and disadvantages!

Posted on November 15, 2021
Discover online education advantages and disadvantages!

For many students, the switch to an online education came with its own benefits and disadvantages. While there are those that might have enjoyed the switch to a more independent learning style, it would come as no surprise to most that many students struggled with the sudden and unexpected shift at the dawn of the pandemic. However, this learning setup does not have to be a temporary one!

Online learning in the Philippines has been around since the early 2000s and has steadily gained traction among students and working professionals that were always on the go or balancing their studies with other extracurriculars. Because of remote learning, many students have been empowered to chase their dreams or balance livelihoods. However, for those who got to try online learning for the first time this pandemic, it may pay to review the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning in the long-term. If you are on the fence about pursuing an online education even after the pandemic ends, don’t fret! In this honest guide, we will go over the benefits and disadvantages of online education so you can determine what is the best decision for you!

What are the Advantages of an Online Education?

1. Minimized Expenses

One of the burdens that many students and professionals struggle with when attending classes in a traditional setting is the amount of money consumed for daily expenses. Expenses like transportation fees, food allowance, and sometimes even lodging are a few fees to take note of. Especially when combined with your tuition fee, these expenses will add up and can potentially burn a hole into your pocket if you are not careful. By attending classes online, you eliminate the need for the miscellaneous expenses that pile up from a face-to-face set-up. This gives you the chance to save on valuable money that you can allocate elsewhere!

2. Safety at Home

In our trying times in a pandemic, leaving home to attend class is no longer as simple as it used to be. Every time we leave home, we run the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus outside. One of the best advantages of online learning is how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones by lessening the need to go outside just to receive a quality education. Remote learning has made plenty of technological advancements in recent years, like useful tools such as e-learning solutions providers for the easy management of your online classes and access to correspond with seasoned professionals that serve as online academic mentors.  Keep you and your loved ones free from the virus by minimizing the need to head out and save your trips to the outside world for urgent errands like grocery shopping and medical appointments.

3. Flexible Learning Set-Up

Classroom set-ups are often rigid and strict in nature. A major benefit of online learning is being able to study however you want, wherever you want. If you prefer to take your classes with a cup of coffee in hand and kicked back on a sofa, remote learning makes it possible because of its inherent nature of letting you decide what works best for you. With an online education, you can work from your study, bed, or even the dining table without ever having to worry about missing out on class.

4. More Time for What Matters

If there is anything that this pandemic taught us, it is that life is short and we should seize the moment to spend time with our loved ones. Because of the self-paced approach that an online education provides for its students, you can use your time more wisely and spend it with your family. You can even take your classes alongside your loved ones and create a little home office or study set-up where you can all work side-by-side. In a post-pandemic future, this self-paced nature can also mean more time for meeting up with loved ones while having enough time to accomplish your coursework with no problem.

What are the Disadvantages of an Online Learning Set-Up?

1. Dependency on Data

A major disadvantage some online learning students may face is its dependency on a stable internet connection. Areas with poor service may face some challenges if they cannot set up a dependable internet device. However, this can at least be mitigated by the benefit of self-paced learning, so materials can be downloaded, and courses can be accessed whenever a connection is available for use.

2. Lessened Social Interaction

Most online learning programs require little to no interaction with course mates, especially since you are encouraged to learn independently. The limited social interaction you do have will most likely be a back and forth between you and your online academic mentor every now and then. That being said, nothing is stopping you from getting in touch with your course mates and friends by way of messaging and video conferencing apps. Get your dose of social interaction without having to compromise your safety. 

We hope that this list of the advantages and disadvantages of online classes will help you with your decision-making process when it comes to pursuing your online education—both during this pandemic and well after. If you are still interested in pursuing remote learning, sign up for a dependable e-learning solutions provider that you can use as a hub to easily manage your online education pursuits!