Learn how to choose an e-learning partner today!

Posted on April 12, 2022
Learn how to choose an e-learning partner today!

Among the many technological advancements that the internet has offered us, E-learning is one advancement that has given students and professionals alike the flexibility of remote learning at any time. However, the quality of your learning as well as its relevance to your social context can depend on the e-learning platform you are receiving your education from.

If you are an organization that frequently uses an educational platform for the benefit of your students or employees, then you may want to select an e-learning partner that fits your needs and background more. In this article, we will teach you how to find the right e-learning partner for your distance learning needs.

But Why Would I Need an E-Learning Partner?

Getting an e-learning partnership for your organization has several benefits that you should know. Below are just a few of the bonuses you can enjoy upon securing an e-learning partnership for you and your organization. 

Higher Organizational Credibility

Distinguish yourself from others in the field by partnering up with an e-learning provider. By having this tie-up, your company, enterprise, or educational institution can be more credible to the eyes of potential investors, partners, and job applicants that are considering your organization as their next promising venture.

Industry Authority Amidst Competition

Elevate your organization to the top of your industry ladder with an e-learning partner. By finding an e-learning partner, you can beat out your competitors and improve your industry standing. Having access to important information about your specialization and being able to pursue education online makes you a more attractive employer not only to new hires but to other professionals whose current workplaces may be your competition in the industry.

A Culture of Continuous Learning

Access to the latest education is necessary to stay ahead of the curve. By giving your employees the tools they need for continuous education, you give them the opportunity to learn skills and technologies as they come. Prevent your workers’ skills and knowledge from going obsolete by giving them the means to constantly update and nurture their expertise. 

Now that you know the benefits that come with finding an e-learning partner, we can proceed to sharing with you how to choose an e-learning partner that meets your needs.

1. Explore What they Have to Offer Your Organization

One of the first things you should consider during your selection process for an e-learning partner is whether they have courses that align with what your organization needs most. You want to avoid investing in an e-learning platform only to find out that it offers very little in the way of the skills and knowledge that your teammates need. 

2. Research On their Other Partners

When selecting an e-learning partner, it may benefit you to check out their portfolio of other partners. Do they have a rich portfolio of credible organizations under their belt? Whether corporate or educational, knowing that other credible institutions have availed of their partnership can give you the peace of mind that you are making a sound investment. 

It may also work to your benefit to narrow down the partners you are considering. If you spot some of your competitors or other institutions with a relation to your industry, then consider that a good sign that they have programs that can forward your workplace skills and expertise.

3. Get to Know the Caliber of their Instructors

The heart of any class is the teacher in charge. Do your due diligence and read up on the instructors that your e-learning partner prospects has to offer. Are they full-time educators with engaging teaching styles? Perhaps they are considered experts in the field with the experience to show for it? The caliber of your e-learning partner’s instructors plays a big part in the quality of the education you and your team will be experiencing.

E-learning partners that offer a diverse range of instructors show plenty of promise. From seasoned educators to full-time professionals that teach part-time, having access to experts in your field is a priceless perk from any standpoint. 

4. See if They Have Accessible Learning Platforms

Having an e-learning platform that you can access online at any time is a great opportunity. Institutions must find an e-learning partner that offers accessibility in various forms. The following points for accessibility should be considered before making a final decision about your e-learning provider:

Multi-Device Accessibility

Members of your institution may not always have access to a desktop or laptop. Ensure that your e-learning partner candidate offers compatibility on other electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets for easy access learning even on the go.

Language Accessibility

More often than not, courses taught on e-learning platforms are taught with English as the medium of instruction. Make sure that your e-learning partner has some leeway for languages, whether this be in the form of subtitles or modules in alternative languages. Having these considerations makes it more likely for employees in your institution to take these educational opportunities even if English is not their first language.

5. Ensure Teacher-Student Exchanges

Study the contract of your partnership as well as the user interface (UI) of the platform to make sure that there is an appropriate avenue for students and teachers to consult regarding their outputs and pose questions for clarifications. At the end of the day, the purpose of an e-learning partnership is to provide your team with learning opportunities, so making sure that they have a platform to ask their teachers for guidance is a must!

6. Match the Company Culture

Every institution has their own unique culture. Whether it be a school or a workplace, nothing ties a group together more than a shared culture that permeates through their connections and the outputs of their work. When selecting an e-learning partner, be sure to take the culture of your organization into account. Go with a fun, casual, and independent platform if your company prioritizes independence and individuality at work. On the other hand, go for a more structured platform if you come from an academic or strictly professional institution. 

7. Find A Worthy Price

Benjamin Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. While this statement is true, your budget for your e-learning partner should also be considered. While selecting an e-learning partner is a worthy investment to unlock more opportunities, put careful thought into how much your organization is willing to spend to do so. Work it out with your e-learning platform partner to explore payment options for your company!

We hope that these six actionable tips to finding an e-learning partner can help you narrow down your candidates and eventually choose a partner that you can work with. With education, it pays to never take a one-size fits all approach, so taking the time to find one that works with your company’s culture, budget, and industry is an endeavor that will reward itself in the long run.

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