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Are you interested in an E-Learning Partnership with ThynkEd for furthering the education of your school, company, or institution? Learn how to become an academic partner and gain access to professionally crafted short courses that can equip your colleagues, employees, or students with valuable knowledge and skills.

Choose from a wide selection of available courses made by qualified, industry-seasoned online academic mentors that have passed our screening process and give yourself and your team the competitive edge that you need to stand out. Provide yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in your industry by collaborating with us for an E-Learning partnership.

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Become an Academic Partner Today

Become an Academic Partner Today

Knowledge is a life-long pursuit. Collaborating with us at ThynkEd for an e-learning partnership is one investment that you can give yourself and your team with so that you can bring a wealth of knowledge within their reach. By becoming an institutional partner, you can give the users under your care valuable access to tried and tested industry knowledge made by seasoned professionals. Experience the following by signing up for an e-learning partnership:

Credible Mentors

Our mentors go through a stringent registration process before being allowed to put up their educational content. We pride ourselves in recruiting experienced industry professionals that can share their valuable experience and real-life learnings for the benefit of our registered users.

Real-Life Experience

Though our online mentors may not be trained in academic instruction, their real-life experience working in their field provides students with a wealth of untapped knowledge. Learn the best practices of your industry, while steering clear of your instructor’s past mistakes. As ThynkEd instructors, it is their job to make sure that history does not repeat itself when it comes to their faux pas.

Flexible Learning

Our selection of short courses is created with flexibility in mind. With our courses, you will not have to worry about your team’s performance suffering because of their learning requirements. Your colleagues, teams, or students can study their short courses anytime, anywhere.

Create more capable teams and better students by giving them access to the tools they need to learn more about their field. By collaborating with us for an e-learning partnership today, you invest not only in your company’s future, but also theirs. Give the gift of a brighter future by becoming our institutional partner.

Become an Institutional Partner for Your Preferred Field

Take advantage of our e-learning partnerships by becoming an academic partner and gain access to a wealth of short courses in your field of choice. Choose from the following course categories:

Digital and Information Technology

This course can turn any student or budding professional from a casual user to a digital savant by imparting them with valuable skills on digital management and the proper and responsible use of both software and hardware across a variety of applications. From managing corporate communications across digital platforms to creating stunning masterpieces on design, illustration, or animation software, signing up for an online e-learning partnership gives you access to cutting-edge techniques and software expertise to hone your students or employees into brilliant programmers, developers, and digital artists that are a cut above the rest!

Culinary Arts

Requiring a seasoned palate and engaging instruction, courses in the culinary arts are geared to help students and professionals as they learn to craft gastronomic creations that entice the senses. Culinary artistry engages all five of our human senses—to see, smell, touch, hear, and of course, taste the food that we create is necessary for a full gastronomic experience. But how do you translate such sensory nuances into online instruction? Become an academic partner and experience online culinary training from seasoned chefs and restaurateurs!

Business Management

Corporate institutions will appreciate an e-learning partnership that hones business-minded students and professionals alike. Our roster of academic mentors understands our marketplace and economy best, making them the perfect teachers for both corporate and academic enrollees. Users enrolled in business management require both technical knowledge in business management and mathematics, as well as the soft skills needed for business savviness and communication. Become an academic partner for business management and help your students or employees gain the necessary confidence and skills for their corporate roles!

Communications and Public Relations

Communicating with each other is our lifeblood as a society and is an essential part of the organizational integrity of an institution. The power and value that communications hold over us as a people is an asset to wield. Give students and professionals the communication skills they need to be the nation’s check and balance as journalists, or to become the capable corporate communications officers, marketers and PR managers of your enterprise or industry by collaborating with us for an e-learning partnership.

Why Should We Become an Academic Partner at ThynkEd?

ThynkEd is a flexible e-learning platform in the Philippines with a passion to serve as a digital hub for educational pursuits and provide growth, development and technology. By becoming an institutional partner, you can experience the following benefits:

Mentorship from Industry Veterans

Our online mentors are long-time players in their respective fields. Through our e-learning partnership, you can gain access to their short courses and learn a wealth of best practices and trade secrets. Their instruction will also provide you and your team or students with plenty of real-life experience, without having to go through the same mistakes that they did!

Flexible Learning Arrangements

With our flexible learning arrangements, you and your team can make the most of top-notch instruction while still learning at your own pace. No need to sacrifice time from your hectic work schedule—by becoming an institutional partner, you can receive quality education that does not force you to make any compromises.

Exclusive Access

Receive early announcements from ThynkEd and gain exclusive access to short courses made by our ThynkEd-certified mentors by acquiring an e-learning partnership!

Find out How to Become an Academic Partner

Becoming an academic partner for ThynkEd is an exciting decision that opens you and your team up to a realm of possibility. But first, it is important to accomplish the following requirements to secure your e-learning partnership

1.Register for an Account

Any user or mentor that joins the ThynkEd community is required to register by creating an account. However, interested institutions that wish to apply for an e-learning partnership may also email us at ThynkEd directly by dropping us an inquiry over at to express their desire to apply!

2.Prepare Necessary Documentation

To become an academic partner, you should be prepared to submit some documentation. Once you register for an e-learning partnership, you also represent your institution over the course of your application. Depending on the nature of the institution or university you represent, be prepared to give additional details on your role within the organization, as well as the profile of the learners or users that ThynkEd will be servicing. To jumpstart your application for an e-learning partnership or to address any specific questions, feel free to email us at so we can respond to your queries accordingly!

Set Your Institution Up for Success

Set Your Institution Up for Success

Whether you represent a company, organization, or a university, learn how to become an academic partner by dropping us a line over at our email so we can get in touch on the specifics of your organizational needs for online learning. Signing up for an e-learning partnership with us at ThynkEd will give you access to a wealth of industry experience and tried and tested practices from our ThynkEd mentors, so you and your team or students can succeed in your respective fields. Become an institutional partner today for quality education for your organization—anytime, anywhere.

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