Be an academic mentor and change the lives of countless students online!

Online academic mentors are the lifeblood of remote learning. Though distance learning has been around in the Philippines since the early 2000s, the demand for qualified online learning instructors has never been higher due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Academic mentors in the Philippines with an affinity for technology and online instruction have become a necessity now more than ever.

In our mission to deliver online learning to thousands of students across the country, we need partners that are committed to educating Filipino children and professionals as online academic mentors. If you are an academic professional with a desire to pass on valuable knowledge to the next generation of brilliant minds and young leaders, then consider joining our ranks as a member of ThynkEd’s online academic mentors.

Together, we can forge our way to a brighter future with online education built for students and professionals alike.

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Become an Online Academic Mentor for ThynkEd

Become an Online Academic Mentor for ThynkEd

Online academic mentors in the Philippines are in high demand as students and professionals alike opt for distance learning due to the limitations of the current pandemic. But the best academic mentors are those who can make online learning a fun and enriching experience, making their academic journey fruitful and rewarding.

As more of the world goes digital and remote, it is important to communicate to young minds and empowered professionals to pursue online education as it brings both a valuable learning experience and a taste of what global collaboration is all about. Our world’s borders are getting smaller and smaller, and opportunities for international collaboration only continue to grow with our society’s technological advancements. As an academic mentor in the Philippines, you stand to become your students’ first collaborators, mentors, and partners before they take the leap into careers and professions in the online arena.

Impart valuable lessons with well-crafted lectures and encourage the continuous thirst for knowledge and self-improvement that students both young and old possess by becoming an academic mentor that they can count on to lead the way. Become a ThynkEd academic mentor in the Philippines today and play a pivotal role in your students’ story!

Become an Academic Mentor in these Courses

At ThynkEd, we are always in search of both fresh and seasoned academic mentors that are capable of teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to amass a wealth of knowledge and skills through remote learning. Online academic mentors in the Philippines can count on ThynkEd to provide them with a secured and streamlined platform so they can practice their craft to the fullest. Apply to be an academic mentor in the following courses:

Digital and Information Technology

Turn any student from a casual user to a digital savant by imparting them with valuable skills on digital management and the proper and responsible use of both software and hardware across a variety of applications. From managing corporate communications across digital platforms to creating stunning masterpieces on design, illustration, or animation software, online academic mentors in the Philippines stand a chance to teach the next generation of brilliant programmers, developers, and digital artists!

Culinary Arts

Academic mentors with a seasoned palate and engaging instruction are a must for a course that relies on enticing the senses. Culinary artistry engages all five of our human senses—to see, smell, touch, hear, and of course, taste the food that we create is necessary for a full gastronomic experience. But how do you translate such sensory nuances into online instruction? Join our ranks and train both young and old talent to become the executive chefs and restaurateurs of tomorrow with valuable teachings available through an e-learning platform.

Business Management

Business-minded students require online academic mentors in the Philippines since they understand our marketplace and economy best. Students enrolled in business management require both technical knowledge in business management and mathematics, as well as the soft skills needed for business savviness and communication. Become an academic mentor for business management and help students gain the necessary confidence and skills to bring their next business idea to life!

Communications and Public Relations

Communicating with each other is our lifeblood as a society, and an academic mentor who can teach the power and value that communications hold over us as a people is necessary for an effective education. Whether your students wish to be the nation’s check and balance as journalists, or they wish to become the corporate communications officers of the world’s leading industries, you can be the academic mentor that shows them how to walk the talk.

Why Be an Online Academic Mentor in the Philippines for ThynkEd?

There are a number of benefits that being an online academic mentor for ThynkEd can give you. The following are only a few of the many pros you can expect to enjoy should you decide to join our ranks!

No Teaching Background Required

We pride ourselves in recruiting online academic mentors whose knowledge is built on valuable industry experience that they themselves have gained on the job. Continue working your full-time profession while trying your hand at teaching students through online learning.

Freedom to Teach the Way You Want to

As an academic mentor, you know your craft best. Take charge of your teaching endeavors by creating a learning experience that does not hinder your creativity and process. Create lectures the way you want to and relate with your students with a mode of instruction unique to you!

Passive Income

Continue to practice your full-time profession while earning from user enrollment fees. Online academic mentors employed by ThynkEd will earn a percentage of their enrollment fees once ThynkEd users enroll in the short course created by the instructor. Create a short course of your own and resume business as usual while you earn from the course on the side!

What are the Requirements to Be an Academic Mentor in the Philippines?

If you wish to become an academic mentor under ThynkEd, there are a few requirements that you must submit or accomplish.

Create an Account on ThynkEd

Whether you wish to become a mentor or a student, registering on ThynkEd is a must to be able to fully access the online e-learning platform. The first step to become an academic mentor is creating an account. Remember that ThynkEd will be your online portal for uploading your short courses and interacting with your students, so make sure to iron out your account registration and apply as a mentor since the menu and functionalities will differ.

Select a Course Category

As a ThynkEd academic mentor, you have the freedom to teach what you want to, the way you want to. However, your course material should be befitting the category and topic that your students will sign up for. Selecting the course category that you wish to specialize in and create short courses under is a good first step to your mentorship journey.

Create Your Curriculum

ThynkEd is built around providing short courses for added learning and expertise. Create a curriculum that you can use as a guide once you become an academic mentor. This will help you to create a sense of continuity and organic progression in your lessons as your students go through the course.

Why Should I Become an Academic Mentor?

Why Should I Become an Academic Mentor?

Becoming an online academic mentor for ThynkEd is both a productive source of additional income, and a career path that provides a sense of fulfillment as you pass on valuable industry knowledge and know-how. Play a part in the careers and lives of both young and old Filipino minds by signing up to become an academic mentor today.

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